Thursday, July 28, 2005

Eastern churches
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From Mere Comments
Breaking news: Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese votes to leave NCC
Can’t argue with that

And from The Moscow Times:

Russian Orthodox Church launches own cable channel
Imagine that: a completely non-Novus Ordo version of EWTN. Хорошо!

De-mythologising Eastern Orthodox history in America
This seems to have been written by somebody in the Greek or Antiochian archdiocese with a northern European surname (convert?) who obviously doesn’t like either the Russians or Byzantine Catholics. (‘Uniate’ gives about the same connotative offence as ‘coloured’ today. Those who use it are most of the time simply being rude.)
Of this total of 29,019 in the lower 48 (not all states at the time [1909], of course), only about 27% are Russians. The rest are mainly ex-Uniates.
So what? They were all ‘under the Russians’. Today the Ruthenian former Byzantine Catholics’ descendents make up about 60 per cent of the old Russian dioceses, now the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), a smallish denomination centred in the old Slavic working-class ‘Rust Belt’ in the Northeast (Ohio and Pennsylvania).
Even the description of the Syro-Arabs in the US at the time describes them not as being "under" the Russians, but as having been "assisted" by them in building churches and missions. St. Raphael of Brooklyn, while acting under the auspices of St. Tikhon (the Russian bishop at the time), had been requested by the Syrian laity themselves to come and serve them, presumably because they weren't getting appropriate pastoral oversight in their existing situation.
Which means he was under the Russians.

It seems that even before the Russian Revolution some immigrant groups brought/asked for priests from their home countries’ churches, which canonically wasn’t quite right but understandable — an exception.

The moral of this story seems to be ‘Keep sending your cheques to Istanbul!’ (Or Damascus.)

This fellow has a lot to say about the nationalistic canonical quagmire the Eastern Orthodox in the States are in today.

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