Monday, July 18, 2005

From blog member Samer al-Batal
Who is quitting Canada* and moving to the Lebanon. I hope that means we’ll have somebody reporting direct from the Middle East!

Secret aid studied in Iraq voting
Did Mr Bush attempt to provide covert support to certain parties and players in the Iraqi elections?


Casualty of war: the US economy

A new phase in Stowe House restoration project completed

Pope hails benefits of holidays

S al-B: It may sound like something from yet another daily dispatch of the kind one would expect to originate from [Roman] Catholic neocon media organs, one quoting the Pope’s latest utterances in solemn tone or jubilous acclamation, but with subject matter like this, I think I’ll join the crowds in the excitement.

*Considering the state that HM Dominion is in perhaps it’s just as well. Of course old Warner Bros. cartoons are wonderful, marvellously drawn and classics because they didn’t patronise like the dreadful one Mere Comments describes. They have politics and other grown-up innuendo in them because they weren’t only for kids. Well, I’m fairly sure that this kind of dumbing down will never happen in the mother country, Britain, the home of irony and snarky humour that sometimes goes too far in the other direction from this treacle.

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