Monday, July 25, 2005

From Jim Cork
Follow-up on the Pope and Harry Potter:

What he really meant
Actually, two years ago, then-Cardinal Ratzinger wrote a thank-you note on his personal letterhead to a German woman who had sent him her book criticizing Potter. He expressed a general appreciation and agreement with the need to be careful of what our children read. Some Americans and Canadians have translated the letter, using it to bolster their campaign to convince the western world that Harry Potter is a tool of Satan.

As I remarked at Amy's place, I seem to recall that when then-Cardinal Ratzinger stated that the Iraq war could not be morally justified, many people protested that we were not bound by his private opinions, and that there was room for legitimate disagreement. I guess a children's book is a more serious matter than war and peace and all that.
Such is the Protestant religious right including its RC branch.

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