Tuesday, July 12, 2005

From Katolik Shinja
All borrowed armour chokes us
About one of my favourite subjects, Catholic Action (which had the answers to the problems of the early 20th century — the old religion but speaking to modern man*), and with watchwords for this blog and its readers that say all political alliances, be they with the religious or secular left or the right, are provisional:
The right tactic for us is to be visibly and always what we are, nothing more, nothing less. We defend a citadel which cannot be taken except when the garrison itself brings in the enemy. Combatting with our own arms, we only receive minor wounds. All borrowed armor troubles us and often chokes us.
- Louis Veuillot

O put not your trust in princes, nor in any child of man : for there is no help in them.
- Psalm 145/146:2, familiar from the Divine Liturgy (Mass) to those who use the Russian recension of the Byzantine Rite

*Search in this blog for The Church Confronts Modernity by Thomas Woods. The old Catholic Action people nailed this.

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