Monday, July 25, 2005

From the LRC blog
Good questions from Jon Stewart
He was interviewing a Newsweek writer, Fahreed Zakharia (or something like that) about Iraq and said this: Let's see. The theory behind this war is that democracies do not breed terrorism. Question: Isn't England a . . . . . . . democracy? And weren't those subway bombers home-grown? And doesn't this blow the democracy-stops-terrorism theory out of the water?

Good question. The
Newsweek guy blabbered some nonsense denying the obvious answer to Stewart's questions.
From TCR News via the LRC blog
Catholic anarchism
By Dorothy Day
• Part of the real Catholic Action movement (search the blog for more)
• Pre-Vatican II ≠ worshipping the general culture of the 1950s

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