Monday, July 18, 2005

From Open Book (Amy Welborn)
Eugenic abortion
A war the Nazis won

RIP Dame Cicely Saunders
The mother of the modern hospice movement. Somebody I wish I’d known about when she was still with us!
Ralph Nader once said that it is a sign of our times that Jack Kevorkian is the most famous doctor in the world. It should have been Dame Cicely.
Fair article on the Christian East
Today, many Orthodox are fearful of losing their distinct traditions in a world dominated by the Latin Church.
Yes, and looking at the Novus Ordo, they should be!
Making matters worse, some [that should read ‘many’ or even ‘most’] of the Eastern Catholic Churches have adopted Latin customs and [thus] haven’t been very good examples of how union with Rome should work. This is tragic, since the traditions of these Churches are themselves apostolic and help preserve the catholicity of the Church with their own unique development of the gospel message. For example, unlike a good Latin parish, in a traditional Eastern Catholic parish you won’t find musical instruments, statues, rosaries, or stations of the cross. Indeed, the priest may well have a wife and children, and the church might be without pews or kneelers. In some circumstances, even the Bible might have a larger canon and include Third and Fourth Maccabees [the canon of the Eastern Orthodox Bible]. Unity does not mean uniformity.

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