Tuesday, July 26, 2005

From Ordice Gallups
High-church Lutherans who are Benedictine monks:

St Augustine’s House, Oxford, Michigan
Complete with eastward-facing (Godward) Mass

(And the site for their Sylvestrine Benedictine RC neighbours.)

And like a needle in a secular haystack, Mass-and-office Catholicism på svenska in what until recently was the state Lutheran church:

Östanbäcks Kloster
Their chapel, set up with choir stalls to pray the office
Their Mass, facing the wrong way but otherwise not bad!

Proper nuns
From the convent at Alsike Kloster (I don’t know if they’re Benedictines as well)

It’s all Novus Ordo-ish yet very nice (and of course very neat and orderly in a modern Germanic way — the right kind of Klaarheit, not the brutal, iconoclastic kind), more like what the old legitimate liturgical movement wanted.

I don’t believe in mixing rites (often a sign of Modernism) but in this conservative context the icons work and aren’t offensive (unlike liberals playing with them).

And speaking of Sweden, David Holford has...

Praise of and facts about lingonberries
I like eating at Ikea too

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