Sunday, July 31, 2005

From Protestantism, erm, Christianity Today via titusonenine
Our uniquely undisciplined moment
A Protestant article but it has a lot of good points
Among American [Roman] Catholics, the collapse of church discipline is symbolized by empty confessionals and more than $1 billion in settlements for clergy sexual abuses. [Search this blog under ‘the gay-priest scandal’.] Mainline liberal Protestants present the fool's gold standard of church discipline on every count: the hemorrhage in church membership, the closure of churches, the dilution of doctrinal and moral integrity, the absence of confession in worship, hyper-optimistic ecumenical romanticism, the avid neglect of Scripture, and knee-jerk politics [the last isn’t just a liberal problem]. American Episcopalians maintain stubborn resistance to warnings by the world Anglican Communion that they have recklessly broken fellowship. American evangelicals also avoid church discipline as they acclimate to client-driven church strategies, desperately popular preaching, the health-and-wealth gospel [search this blog under ‘Joel Osteen’], and the appetite to be really okay within modern culture.

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