Saturday, July 23, 2005

From The Times via Thinking Anglicans*
The silliness and brilliance of religion on the box
Following up on this. In the States, as religious as people are, the subject has long been ghettoised on the main free channels to the same time-slots when people are (or should be) in church or dedicated to its own channels including in the balkanised pop-culture world of cable and satellite, from the fairly good but Novus Ordo EWTN to the Trinity Broadcasting Network for the spectrum of fundygelicals.

Pray within your own solitude
By Mgr Roderick Strange

*A site we haven’t much in common with that’s got a rather arrogant title, as if Anglicans who don’t buy into Mr Sarmiento’s rewarmed Broad Churchery (the secular world with a veneer of God-talk — and of course it’s gay) are guilty of not thinking or incapable of thought. Of course a church that’s this prideful about its intellectual ability has no real place for, or would have a fitting ‘final solution’ for, embarrassing saints like Russia’s holy fools and wandering pilgrims or St Benedict Joseph Labré — ‘What do you think we are, Catholic?’

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