Friday, July 15, 2005

From titusonenine
The American Episcopal Church Interpreted for English Churchmen

On the deep-rooted Protestantism in the States and what it leads to:
Inextricable from amongst a multitude, continually being added to, of rival sects and bodies outside the communion of the Catholic Church whose aims are to elevate the moral level of life by earnest ethical and inspirational preaching, elaborate organization for social welfare, the strong effect of personality as a foremost means of producing conviction, and by the emphasizing of some one or two points in setting forth the gospel to the exclusion of all the others, the American Church has never found it easy to persuade men to make the intrinsic worth of the sacramental system the very centre of spiritual life and action. The American people as a whole, all local religions (even Roman Catholic) and nationalities which become naturalized eventually, are emphatically Pelagian, that is, self-reliant in religion as in national life, not admitting the need of supernatural help, and so "instinctively afraid of any teaching in religion which seems to bring God too near". Hence, strong teaching on the Sacraments is liable to fall on very hard ground.
Jenks wouldn’t have been at all surprised by the success of Joel Osteen (search this blog for more on him), and he wrote this in 1919!

The mainline churches/religious left haven’t changed at all either as Jenks has described them in the first sentence.

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