Wednesday, July 27, 2005

From truthout
US papers censor truthful and funny ‘Doonesbury’ cartoon
I’m not a fan of this comic but this is pretty good!

US officials try out new slogan for latest war
As others have pointed out ‘war on terrorism’ is stupid for the same reason ‘war on fighter planes’ or ‘war on surface-to-air missiles’ would be but it had a nice ring to it if you didn’t think about it. ‘Global struggle against violent extremism’ just sucks: the neocons (who are, after all, a kind of liberal) trying to be PC.

Here’s more on this from Daithí Mac Lochlainn.

(BTW, Daithí, I tried watching ‘Ros na Rún’ last night on the box and didn’t understand a word of it — I needed the subtitles. It’s hard to believe that Gaelic is in the same Indo-European family as English!)

Witness: dogs bit Abu Ghraib prisoners

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