Friday, July 22, 2005

Making the rounds of the blogosphere
The Orthodox Church in America (OCA) once again considers leaving the National and World Councils of Churches
Of course a lot of the social-gospel stuff — joint charitable work, etc. — is fine, except the liberal Protestants have knocked it off its foundation in orthodox Christian theology.

Without it the church simply turns into a chaplaincy for the neocons.

It’s not supposed to be that. Aslan is not a tame lion.

When the NCC and WCC began they were different. Mainline Protestants and Anglicans* were theologically much more conservative, all recognisably Christian, and so having serious ecumenical talks made sense.

I agree of course that having reunion talks with liberal Protestants as they are now is a waste of time (but dialogues to try to re-catechise them aren’t) and efforts should be shifted to ‘the new ecumenism’ among theological conservatives, especially among Catholics — essentially the point of Touchstone.

*ARCIC is a waste of time: it’s simply the Broad Church clerical union running the First World Anglican churches sitting down with the Modernist quisling RCs (the kind who diss the Pope one minute and the next wonder why, oh, why won’t he wave his hand to change the universe and let them ordain women?) and agreeing with each other. Pull the plug on that one, please!

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