Friday, July 22, 2005

On prayer beads including the Rosary
Popped into the Eastern Orthodox message boards yesterday to offer some history and perspective.

To answer the Orthodox objection to the Rosary* given on principle, it’s fairly obvious that the events meditated upon are directly from scripture and common Catholic dogma (not ‘the life of Krishna’ or suchlike) which is enough of a safeguard.

So while one can successfully argue for not introducing it in order to maintain the integrity of a rite (the Christian East doesn’t need Western-style meditation) of course there’s really nothing wrong with the Dominican Rosary!

And there are Western chaplets such as the Divine Mercy one that don’t involve meditation.

*I don’t advocate hybridising rites (and Rome agrees) but this page still offers some good material on this devotion and a good sample of Byzantine Rite prayers as well.

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