Thursday, July 14, 2005

Something to think about on Bastille Day
I may be more classically liberal than this or my old friends the Vennaris (see entry below this one) but this is worth a look:

On the social kingship of Jesus Christ
The classic by Fr Denis Fahey

Also recommended reading but alas, not online as far as I know, is the article ‘The Dark Visage of Revolution’ by the late Metropolitan Anastassy (Gribanovsky), the learned and well-spoken second first hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. (He once preached at St Paul’s Cathedral, London.)

I’ve been told that in parts of France Bastille Day was a day of mourning because the godless revolutionaries massacred the local populations who were loyal to the king. And according to Fr Anthony Chadwick, that’s still true.

Though ultimately this is true — it’s not about blindly following a government but a Godward view of all authority, where everybody including the king is accountable to God.

Fr Fahey on anti-Semitism
The author wants a dear distinction to be made between hatred of the Jewish nation, which is Anti-Semitism, and opposition to the Jewish and Masonic naturalism.

On the other hand, as members of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Catholics should neither hate the members of that nation in which, through our Blessed Mother, the Lily of Israel, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity assumed human nature, nor deny them their legitimate rights as persons.
Not a Nazi position at all!
...many Catholic writers copy unquestioningly what they read in the naturalistic or anti-supernatural Press and do not distinguish between Anti-Semitism in the correct Catholic sense, as explained above, and "Anti-Semitism," as the Jews understand it. For the Jews, "Anti-Semitism" is anything that is in opposition to the naturalistic Messianic domination of their nation over all the others.
Part of what the dispensationalists have bought into since they began in the 1800s; their views are found in the Protestant religious right today. The dispensationalists have a cruel twist in their ideas though: they want the Jews in Palestine so most of them can be killed, the remnant turns Christian and Armageddon and the Secong Coming will be triggered (if indeed it could be ‘triggered’ as if man had any control over that).

The Israelis have no scruples about playing these people to get American aid.

Fr F wrote this three years after the Zionists drove the Palestinians off their lands in 1948.

An alternative view on religious liberty

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