Monday, August 29, 2005

Browser hijacker update: fixed at last!
About a year ago some dodgy code glommed onto Internet Explorer on my work computer adding an unwanted search sidebar when turning on IE and then completely taking over the screen moments later. (The scumbag webmasters and kiddie coders who do this will have a special circle of hell for them if they don’t repent!) GoBack seemed to get rid of the full-screen hijacks but the malicious code was still there and so they started again last week. I’d have to force-quit (control-alt-delete) IE and restart it every day to do anything on it! Tried re-installing IE and downloading and running both Spyware S&D and AdAware but to no avail. Friday night after the last try I read about Hijack This! (wonderful name) and downloaded and ran it today. Voilà! Looks can be deceiving: this has a very simple interface but is more thorough than the others for this job.

The only things I still use IE for are reading company e-mail at work (can’t download attached .jpgs from it through Firefox) and editing my pages’ HTML on my ISP’s site as IE publishes them slowly so I don’t trip my own counters.

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