Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Eastern churches
From Charley Wingate

News from the world of dodgy icons
Charley tells me:
It appears that Bridge-Building Images* has had a divorce from Robert Lentz** — amicable or not, I couldn’t say, but except for a few oddities their offerings are more Orthodox. They've also eliminated the rainbow from their logo. On the other hand, they've picked up Monastery ‘This is as dull as Novus Ordo ought to look’ Icons***. Looking at all the various offerings the only ones I really like are those of Lu Bro (eccentric artistically but intriguing) and this nativity.

I’m not sure how Monastery Icons washed up on BBI, but (depressingly) they make the often a bit loopy BBI images look distinguished. At least Lentz’s heretical images had some faint trace of artistic interest. Monastery’s junk makes God look dull.
*Who changed their name after enough Orthodox complained about their calling their stuff icons.

**Who has gone back to the Franciscans. He claims to be Byzantine Rite but sounds like he’s talking bollocks (search the blog for nec plus, nec minus, nec aliter to see what I mean). But he has artistic talent and can paint real icons when he wants to.

***Made by New Agers who cater to a Novus Ordo clientele.

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