Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Eastern churches
From Fr Joseph Huneycutt

Welcome, Patriarch Theophilos

Eis polla eti despota!*

The new Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, whose name from the New Testament means ‘friend of God’. The veil over the stovepipe hat is worn by monks in the Byzantine Rite.

I still say, though, that as outrageous as Irineos’ (whose name ironically comes from the Greek word for peace) real-estate shenanigans with the Zionists may have been, they didn’t involve faith or morals so deposing the man smacked of phyletism (a formally heretical mixing of religion and politics/nationalism). But he’s out, and when the umpire (in both cricket** and baseball) calls you out that’s that.

*‘Many years, Master!’ (If you’re feeling Russian, ‘Многая лета, Владыко!’)

**I’m not big on sport. I’ve seen it played in England. I’ve seen it played by Indian and Caribbean expats in the States. I still don’t understand it. And that’s OK.

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