Friday, August 26, 2005

Eastern churches
Pious and Overly Devotional
Photo album: Visit to New Skete
And, third comment down, the story of the place: the unique Russian Orthodox monks (as far as I know all Americans with few if any ethnically Slavic) whose works to support themselves are breeding Alsatians/German shepherd dogs (they wrote the popular book How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend) and writing and selling liturgical books, which apparently like their liturgical practice are radical by Orthodox standards.

But one thing that’s cool about the Orthodox is that their ‘radicals’ are still reactionary by Western standards: after all the late Fr Alexander Schmemann is considered one and he said that the attempted ordination of women* is ‘the death of all dialogue’.

Here is their site.

The bishop in the snaps (he’s the one with the Santa beard) is Seraphim (Sigrist), who has a livejournal.

*Here Fr John Matusiak gives an inquirer an authentically Catholic answer on that issue. Like New Skete and Fr Alexander he is in the OCA (the old Russian dioceses of America), which is considered ‘liberal’!

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