Sunday, August 21, 2005

From the BBC
Pope: ‘Do-it-yourself’, ‘consumer’ religion not the way to go
It’s nothing new: it’s what’s wrong with Protestantism as the Bible is obviously not self-interpreting (nowhere in scriptura does it say sola scriptura)

Not that it really compensates for its hæmorrhaging members, but the Episcopal Church todays is so big on this pandering to consumer tastes, competing with its biggest rivals, the ‘we don’t believe in God but like hanging out together on Sundays’ Unitarians and the ‘we’ll marry just about anybody to anything’* United Church of Christ, that a friend has this suggestion for those denominational signs you see in the States where there are Episcopal churches (the modern version says ‘The Episcopal Church: We’re Here for You’... not here for God, if he/she/it exists, but for self-esteem-filled consumer you!):
The Episcopal Church: We’re More Lenient Than the Church You’re Mad At
True in so many ways: that there is a real truth, an objective standard, that these people are running away from.

As for World Youth Day, there are reports of these shenanigans — jugglers in the sanctuary (to which any teenager of average or above intelligence will say: Don’t patronise me**) and altar girls. The Roman Mass gets a sideshow in Düsseldorf and that’s supposed to appease traditionalists while this is the main act. This fellow’s rant is interesting: quisling and secular types have their own wrong reasons to hate the Pope but, well, a stopped clock and all that (and Mgr Ronald Knox jolly well may have agreed with this criticism of ‘enthusiasm’). The answer to what he’s criticising is Mass-and-office Catholicism, not some ripoff of a ripoff (‘Christian rock’ as in ‘Pious Riot’) of secular pop culture.

Eastern churches
Mainstream media notice Ukrainian row
The move to Kiev happened today

According to the religious-news service RISU a motley crew protested: alongside understandably offended Russian Orthodox were leftover Commie-socialist types who for their own reasons have no love for the Ukrainian Catholic Church: ‘Keep that God stuff in Galicia where it belongs! We want to keep the Ukraine secular so people keep having multiple abortions and drinking themselves to death like in the glorious Soviet Union!’

And I understand the new cathedral, Resurrection, will be a strange Byzantine-modern hybrid, not a beautiful Byzantine or Byzantine-baroque building. I fear it will be a half-Novus Ordo monstrosity, the kind of hybridism the Galicians think is Ukrainianness. And exactly the sort of thing that men like Blessed Leonty (whose pre-monastic name was Leonid Feodorov) 100 years ago wanted nothing to do with.
The transfer of the Patriarchal see of the UGCC: an act born out of needs of the Church, not out of spite
And did Metropolitan Lubomyr’s nose get longer when he said that? Yes, it was spite.

*Like Homer Simpson’s brief garage-wedding-chapel ministry in one ‘Simpsons’ episode.

**That ‘this is what young people want’ or ‘priests have to do this to relate to young people’ would have been news indeed (and deservedly laughed at by) the lovely young couple I saw married at an English Missal Mass yesterday: congratulations, Michael and Annie (Helft) Tuck! Hip, hip, hurrah! (three times)

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