Thursday, August 18, 2005

From blog member Samer al-Batal
Reporting from his new home in the Lebanon with a long list of links:

US to restart arms technology transfers to Israel

And on that note, here’s more on the latest developments in the AIPAC scandal.

Is this Iran crisis for real?
Only if the US attacks, illustrates Pat Buchanan with his predictions of the likely conflagration that would ensue, following such an action.
President Bush should think long and hard before yielding to the War Party a second time. Iran is a nation three times the size of Iraq and with three times the population. This would be no cakewalk.
But as for now:
It would be interesting to see how many U.S. allies are willing to support sanctions on the third-largest oil producer on earth when oil is running at $65 a barrel.
Two by Robert Fisk:

The ever-rising number of Iraqi dead

Still filling the mortuaries and still unrecorded

A constitution that means nothing to ordinary Iraqis
Crossing into the Green Republic, as some call it

Disengagement’s foreplay
Ran HaCohen’s analysis of the withdrawal from Gaza

UK: Dead soldiers’ families launch bid for Iraq war inquiry

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