Monday, August 29, 2005

From Fr Anthony Chadwick
Fr C on Mr Bush
This time, the Leader speaks English and prefers Revival hymns and choruses to Götterdammerung. Fundamentalist Protestantism has taken the place of the god Odin, the old northern European dark myths of the Aryan Obermensch and the strains of Wagner.
Meeting between the Pope and the Society of St Pius X (details in today’s entry)
Today on the feast of the Beheading of St John the Baptist
The meeting lasted about 35 minutes, and proceeded in a serene climate. The audience was the occasion for the Society to manifest that it has always been attached - and that it will always be - to the Holy See, eternal Rome. We approached serious difficulties, already known, in a spirit of great love for the Church. We have arrived at a consensus about proceeding in stages for resolving problems. The Society of St. Pius X prays, finally, that the Holy Father may find the strength to put an end to the crisis of the Church by 'restoring all things in Christ'.
- Bishop Bernard Fellay

Which sounds like it really means something, unlike the usual canned corporate rhetoric from the Vatican:
The meeting was held in a climate of love for the Church and a desire to arrive at the perfect communion. Although aware of the difficulties, the desire to proceed by steps and in a reasonable timeframe was shown.
I agree with Fr Chadwick:
The hard line will probably go in the sedevacantist direction, and a small part of the SSPX will go the same way as Campos and the Fraternity of St. Peter - quietly absorbed into the Ecclesia Dei scene.

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