Sunday, August 21, 2005

From The Gaelic Starover
Iraq’s young Catholics face future
Daithí Mac Lochlainn: What kind of future do these young Christians face, now the the wicked mischief of the Bushling and his neo-conservative puppeteers has brought Islamicist theocracy to their country?

Once again, let’s think about this... 9/11 is blamed on extreme Muslims (motives like the US propping up the Zionists in Palestine aren’t remotely addressed thanks to World War II guilt and all that) so Mr Bush’s minders use it as an excuse to set a plan in motion to conquer one of the Persian Gulf’s secular countries (a sometime US client and nothing to do with the terrorists) to pave the way for... another extreme Muslim government. A Vietnam-style victory for an Iran-style government.

My head hurts.

And the fascist neocons get to pull a fast one on the flag-waving Protestant religious right who support them as they help persecute Christians... but then again the fundygelicals don’t consider Catholics real Christians anyway.

Once again, if the ‘terrorists’ hate ‘freedom’ so much then why haven’t they bombed Amsterdam?

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