Tuesday, August 23, 2005

LRC pick
Murdered in Afghanistan?
Rather like A Few Good Men for real. Recognising that there is a legitimate mission of the military (defence, protection) and that there are, in spite of everything, honourable men and women in the services who believe in that mission, this isn’t a pacifist blog, but ‘military culture is rotten to the core (despite the clean-shaven, spit-shined façade)’ as LRC’s Laurence Vance wrote, quoting a letter from somebody who is ex-military, and evangelicals (who once had a healthy distrust of it) turning to it after the 1960s collapse as a paragon of good order, etc. are mistaken (producing the bizarro phenom of ‘Bapto-fascism’, or Jerry Falwell’s claim that ‘God is pro-war’).

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