Friday, August 26, 2005

LRC pick
Questioning ‘Support our troops’
Strong and thought-provoking. He has a point — not only the government but many soldiers are far from blameless — but that said, this isn’t a pacifist blog. I accept the theoretical protection of the military: a smaller, non-imperial one. Think of the Swiss Army for example: there you have a peaceful country where just about every man has a gun and knows how to use it if he has to, to literally defend his home*. Or the US Coast Guard, America’s other navy, who more or less stay with their mission of actually guarding the coast. Also search the blog or LRC for William Lind on a better militia or a Fourth Generation warfare force.

*I’m also reminded of another historically peaceful small country, and a monarchy at that, Denmark, when the Germans invaded. They’ve got palace guards like the more famous ones at Buckingham, in similar bearskin-hat uniforms. They’re not actors but real soldiers, an army unit, and those guns are loaded. When the Wehrmacht rolled into Copenhagen in 1940 they fought them in front of the palace; three of them were wounded. Heroes. They had the right idea. Now imagine that with Swiss or American efficiency and you’ve got a legitimate army that fights for the right reasons — and wins.

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