Monday, August 22, 2005

Three from LRC
The excuse for war is disposable
The hegemonic plan hasn’t been dropped

This is about a news story that flew under most people’s radar: leaks from US government types that the war in Iraq isn’t working.

The Swift-boating of Cindy Sheehan
‘American Dad’ is a mediocre cartoon show from the usually sharp Seth MacFarlane (also the voice of Peter Griffin and many other of his ‘Family Guy’ characters) but his depiction of Karl Rove* (Owoooooo! ‘Thank you, Satan’) is about right.

(‘Family Guy’ is slipping — the ‘Bachelorette’ parody with Brian the surreal talking dog, repeated last night, didn’t quite make it.)

Are we really better off without Saddam?
Of course not

*He was made to look like the baddie in the latest Star Wars, the one who corrupted Anakin Skywalker and made him Darth Vader. You can search this blog to read about the political parallel, whether it was intentional or not. Did any other church geeks notice that the deacon at the pastiche generic church (lots of Catholic trappings though) wore what looks like a Byzantine Rite stichar(ion if you’re feeling Greek)? (Which is what deacons, subdeacons, readers and their substitutes, altar boys, wear in that rite. It looks like a long version of the deacon’s dalmatic or the tunicle (which means ‘little tunic’) in the Roman Rite.) BTW, electing lay ‘deacons’ is something that some Protestant churches do. In Catholic churches they’re ordained by the bishop.

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