Saturday, August 20, 2005

Three from LRC
I was at Nagasaki
By Paul Pappas

A military-college graduate answers Cindy Sheehan’s question
What are the soldiers in Iraq dying for? Nothing.

The Popes, , RC neocons, no
Andrew Bacevich, himself a Catholic and a conservative, observes in The New American Militarism, “If in the aftermath of the Cold War a religious counterweight to the evangelical influence on U.S. policy were to have emerged, that counterweight ought to have been the Roman Catholic Church. Great in numbers, political influence, and material resources, with anti-Catholicism largely a thing of the past, the church was eminently well-positioned to put its stamp on public policy.” But the opportunity was squandered by a hierarchy enmeshed in scandal [search the blog under ‘the gay-priest scandal’].
Actually it was squandered about 35 years before that with Vatican II. Search the blog under ‘The Church Confronts Modernity’: right before V2 RC thinkers had the answers and knew how to present the old religion to modern man.

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