Saturday, August 27, 2005

Three from LRC
Military lawyers opposed torture
Bush civilians demanded it

Brought to you by the Party of Morality™, damn it!

Photo at right: A combat veteran gives his opinion of Mr Bush’s war

Forgive and embrace Japan and Germany
Sabine Barnhart, from Catholic Germany like the Pope, probably agrees

The looting festival in Iraq
Waxman’s committee instructed Congress’s General Accountability Office to look into Halliburton’s biggest contract in Iraq: providing virtually all back-up facilities – from meals to laundry soap – to American forces. LOGCAP (Logistics Civil Augmentation Programme) contracts like this one are a product of the new ‘slimmed down’ American military, the quartermaster’s equivalent of Rumsfeld’s ‘invasion lite’. Rather than have uniformed troops peel potatoes and scrub floors, base support services have been privatised and contracted out so that, the idea goes, soldiers can get on with the fighting.
These people are wrong but, except for the figurehead, they’re far from stupid: they know how to take authentically conservative ideas (smaller government: a smaller, more efficient military and privatisation) and completely pervert them, just like setting John Bolton loose on the UN. And turn a profit for themselves by so doing.

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