Thursday, August 25, 2005

Three from LRC
No free speech
Orwellianism and censorship at university

Charity on crack, or what happens when you take Christian charity and freebase it (‘freeing’ it from all that cumbersome God stuff*). Seems to answer Daithí’s and CounterPunch’s question in the entry below this one.
It considers discrimination to be present "even if there was no intent ... to harass or demean another."
With that, Catholic moral theology and its daughter, English jurisprudence, have been thrown out the window for arbitrariness to persecute Christians and/or people who’ve simply got common sense (‘I’m against affirmative action because it discriminates against white people’ — BTW, yes, I am because it does).

War crimes in Virginia
VMI remembers

More on Vietnam-Iraq déjà vu
Maybe the red-state heartland of America are starting to get it:
In his stay-the-course VFW speech, you could feel that the President now found himself in a new and confusing situation. Step by step, he's slowly been backing up. This time – contradicting the anti-Vietnam, no-attention-to-casualties playbook he has long been working off – he specifically spoke the numbers of dead American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, something of a first for him. Though he never mentioned Cindy Sheehan's name, he might as well have. Its absence acted like a presence, all but ringing from the speech. Read it yourself and you can sense the degree to which he is now uncharacteristically on the defensive. Even to friendly crowds, he finds himself answering questions that, not so long ago, never would have come up. Wherever he is, he is now essentially responding to what is, in effect, an ongoing news conference with the nation in which challenging questions never stop being tossed his way.
*The historical irony, as sharp folks like the late Murray Rothbard and Camille Paglia (who was there — met her once; funny lady) point out, is that 35 years ago the radical left tipped out all this God stuff in the name of ‘free speech’ (‘fighting for the right’ to say things like ‘Jane, you ignorant slut’ on the TV) and ‘free love’ (‘no paternalistic college is going to tell me I can’t go out at night and be sexually stared at and more’). Now these people with derailed consciences are the new puritans.

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