Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The 100-Minute Bible
An excerpt from Genesis:
In the beginning God created heaven and earth over a period of six days. First he created light and darkness; then the vault of the heavens, separating the water above from the water below; then the dry land and all that grows in it. On the fourth day God created the sun, the moon and the stars; on the fifth the creatures of the sea and sky; and on the sixth those of the land, including humankind. On the seventh day God rested.
As someone who usually thinks only the KJV should be "legal" I am strangely okay with this. The quote you mention basically tells the reader what happened and at least it says He did the creating.

I would have to read the entire book in order to really say its okay, but if the reader understands this is a
SUMMARY only, and the doctrine-slant is orthodox, it could lead the reader to explore the "real thing."
- James Hicks

I know about half the Old Testament thanks to... reading Pearl Buck’s The Story Bible for school when I was 12. (Blessedly that was the same time I started seriously going to Sunday school and learning the basics of the Catholic faith and liturgy thanks to old-school Episcopalians including crypto-Anglo-Catholic teachers.) Such things are useful but yes, the KJV with Apocrypha is the form in English of the real thing.

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