Thursday, September 29, 2005

Anglican doings
A Continuing church seeks union with the Holy See
Negotiations with the Traditional Anglican Communion (more) seem to be speeding up. I’ve met Archbishop John Hepworth and slightly know Bishop David Moyer. The TAC are sound (un-Protestant) but many of them are very modernised liturgically (the archbishop doesn’t know how to be a decent celebrant!).

If it happened, it might shore up the Anglican Use RCs* and make that scheme more than a Potemkin village/bait-and-switch operation to trick Anglo-Catholics into the Novus Ordo liberal mainstream (worse than what they left!) because there would finally be bishops to keep it going!

I know that the archbishop began as an RC priest and is married. Nothing that the Pope himself can’t absolve or dispense but would he?

Also, I don’t like the notion of ACs as a separate rite as though they are as foreign culturally to the Roman Rite as the Oriental Rites. No. They are culturally in the historic mainstream of the Latin Church even though they worship in English and also contain essentially the history of Christianity in my native language.

Fr James Tucker sees the same problem with ‘re-alignment’ of ACs with conservative Protestant Anglicans as my friends John Treat and others: ‘Anglican comprehensiveness/the Elizabethan settlement has failed once so let’s rebuild it so we can watch it fall apart again’.

Catholic worship: photo from Inquisitor Generalis

*Who don’t do Sarum Use as often erroneously reported nor the English or Anglican Missal but rather a customised Novus Ordo with elements of the 1979 Episcopal Prayer Book and nice ceremonial like the Roman Mass but not the same as it (what high-Central Churchmen and moderate ACs were doing in Texas back in the 1950s — most of the handful of AU churches are Texan). Not uncommon among the few ACs left in ECUSA and better than straight ICEL/American Novus by a country mile. It’s not ideal but if it became a default use for English-speaking RCs (not that it’ll likely happen) I wouldn’t mind.

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