Monday, September 26, 2005

The Catholic faith
All Too Common
One issue, two languages
Avery Cardinal Dulles on the RC-Lutheran agreement going over the great non-issue (as a friend long ago described it) that seemed to set off the Protestant heresies. ‘Believe you are saved by faith; act as if you were saved by works’ as Reginald Cardinal Pole put it. Or ‘no, we don’t believe you earn your way into heaven’, but works keep alive the grace given by faith but help it/you grow (towards theosis as the Christian East says: it’s a journey). Be that as it may, ‘one issue, two languages’ is exactly how I look at the Latin Church and the Christian East in the latter’s various forms: one Catholic dogma, different doctrinal expressions using the idioms of different cultures (like regarding this). Ut unum sint: да вси едино будут.

Here’s more on grace and free will from St Augustine.

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