Friday, September 30, 2005

Military families bring cost of war to students

Former US Marine captain joins al-Jazeera as reporter

Insurgents play cat and mouse with American snipers

"Some people don't get the gravity of the situation here; people in the Green Zone are always trying to paint a rosy picture," said Sgt Antonio Molina, a 27-year-old sniper from Clearwater, Fla. He was referring to the fortified compound in Baghdad where U.S. officials work. "These politicians are all about sending people to war but they don't know what it's all about, being over here and getting shot at, walking through s--- swamps, having bombs go off, hearing bullets fly by. They have no idea what that's like."

Many American troops on the ground in Muqdadiyah expect the violence to continue long after they're gone.
Vietnam and Iran déjà vu.

US has sanctioned torture for too long
That it sanctioned it at all is the problem

American Legion harasses member who signed petition for peace
A fascist group that doesn’t understand the ‘freedom’ they say they fought to defend

Pentagon OKs the Osprey (more)
A dangerous (to the pilots), militarily useless pork-barrel project... whilst the soldiers forced to go to Iraq haven’t got body armour

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