Tuesday, September 20, 2005

From Fr Anthony Chadwick
Interview with Bishop Bernard Fellay
His recent meeting with the Pope, in his own words

On the Vatican’s reaction to the gay-priest scandal
The question now will be whether the authorities of the Roman Catholic Church will do something at a pastoral level to remedy the solitude of too many priests, progressively widening the criteria for ordaining married men and encouraging healthy community life for secular priests. Otherwise, the problems of sexual abuse and pædophilia will not go away.
With an English good word for tolerant conservatism:
I have known some possibly homosexually orientated priests who had perfect control over their feelings and lived exemplary lives -
I think most of us at least acquainted with Anglo-Catholicism have. Englishmen of the old school for example.
and hetero/bi-sexual men who were of the 'manipulating' type and who would be much more likely to abuse vulnerable persons. And vice versa. This whole issue is often too simplistic, and the problems the Church faces are more connected with Catholic orthodoxy and spiritual/psychological balance and stability than with a mere question of 'sexual orientation'. We should certainly steer a balanced course between the polarised liberal and neo-conservative positions. Thankfully, the wheels of Rome turn slowly and prudently.
A punto. There should be no attempt to rewrite the natural law and the law of God but no witch-hunts either.

This well-meant attempt at iconography, from Fr Chadwick’s as-always good entry yesterday on women and marriage, seems to be what Archimandrite Serge (Keleher) is talking about.

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