Monday, September 19, 2005

From Fr Anthony Chadwick
On bad religion with good intentions
The sectarian temptation for Catholics:
I'm sorry, but what a miserable religion that must be - the Home-aloners revisited... !
I imagine this is true of sedevacantists (the group he’s slating) and barking-mad splinter groups from the Orthodox (and sometimes among the Orthodox) like the Old Calendarist schisms. The sede scenario (the See of Peter vacant with an antipope reigning) can happen but they can’t prove it’s happening now. John Boyden has got these people sussed: they quote a recent Pope using nice diplomatic Vaticanspeak to greet visitors who are born into another faith (such as Hindus from India) and then sound like idiots, crowing that this pro forma politesse (something obvious to most people) proves that he has apostasised! Traditionalists realise that the Pope makes mistakes in prudential judgement. Neither the Novus Ordo neocons* nor the sedes seem to understand that.

*Except when the Pope stands on sound pre-conciliar teaching to preach peace.

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