Friday, September 23, 2005

From Philadelphia City Paper
Bad and good from a free paper that tries to appeal to the hip:

Planned Parenthood’s creative way of hurting pro-lifers
"We want to sort of expose their tactics of intimidation," Steinberg says. "They verbally attack our patients, and try to deny people their health care."
Once you’re used to killing babies, slander’s easy.
One of the protest's leaders, Father John McFadden of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Cheltenham, guides the crowd away from the site of worship and back to the church. As he walks, McFadden, a big man with a soft voice, listens to an explanation of the upcoming Pledge-a-Picket campaign. Then he nods, and shares his thoughts.

"Because of the killing nature of that organization," he says, "I'm not surprised in any way."
Well put. BTW, Fr M started a home for unwed mothers in the former convent of a parish church in the area.

A corporal work of mercy
How can one better organise a volunteer, church-based group of soup kitchens, etc. to help those who really need them?

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