Sunday, September 18, 2005

From Verbum ipsum
Criticising Galloway and Sheehan
Galloway drew boos from the crowd (at an event sponsored by a socialist organization!), when he suggested that Americans had it coming on 9/11
Did those couple of thousands of people deserve to be murdered simply because most of them were Americans? Of course not. Did the US government’s actions bring on the attacks? Undoubtedly.
Meanwhile, Cindy Sheehan, instead of trying to build any kind of big-tent anti-war movement appears content to preach to the hard-left choir, recently declaiming that the victims of Katrina were "collateral damage of George Bush's insane and moronic policies in Iraq."
Insane and moronic policies in Iraq don’t affect the weather of course but Sheehan isn’t crazy — what she said is true in that the Louisiana National Guard, which exists to help in such natural disasters, were in Iraq and not in Louisiana where they should have been.
the U.S. has a right and a duty to respond to terrorism, using military force if necessary
Do the people who probably did 9/11 such as the Yemen-born Saudi Osama bin Laden deserve to be brought to justice? Of course. (It still hasn’t happened. Invading Afghanistan and Iraq did nothing to that end.) Responding to terrorism also meaning facing the problems that caused it, like propping up the state of Israel.

Bush obviously shouldn’t be president, which is a different matter to hating the man. One may not like Clinton personally and for good reason but he was a far more serviceable chief executive.

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