Wednesday, September 28, 2005

From Whitehall
Tolerant conservatism* in Vaticanese
Although this is a difficult point for many Anglo-Saxons to grasp, when the Vatican makes statements like "no gays in the priesthood," it doesn't actually mean "no gays in the priesthood." It means, "As a general rule, this is not a good idea, but we all know there will be exceptions."
A little like what the Christian East calls economy.
...the conventional wisdom in the church, which holds that as long as a prospective priest is capable of celibacy**, it doesn't matter whether he's gay or straight.

Happy Fathers’ Day
Congratulations to newly priested bloggers Frs Will Brown (of Whitehall), Lee Nelson and, earlier this year, Matthew Thurman. Ad multos annos.

*Search this blog for the definition.

**Celibacy simply means not being married. What’s called for is chastity in one’s state of life.

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