Thursday, September 29, 2005

The gay-priest scandal
I see a trend this week in both of Philadelphia’s snide-hipster newspapers:


One of those ‘a pox on all your houses’ moments (the rapists, the accomplice criminals among the clergy, the warmongering theocratic fascists and the smug secular folk)

The RC archdiocese did ask for this treatment

Mr Santorum voted sensibly against air strikes in Kosovo but that — Republicans actually sounding like conservatives — was only to spite Bill Clinton. A party man, he supported Mr Bush’s handlers’ aggression in Iraq. But he may be changing his mind on that (work your wonders, bugmenot), to his credit. Of course the City Paper hate him for reasons that make him look good... he’s against abortion, questions the wisdom of the state schools and criticises gender feminism (not to be confused with equity feminism which this blog supports — search the blog and/or read Christina Hoff Sommers for an explanation).

The state schools didn’t harm me but I respect those who follow through on their convictions and home-school (like Jeff Culbreath): those kids are ahead of the curve in so many ways. But his take on it does rather strike me as moral grandstanding: keep the well-meaning religious Volk in Rove/Bush’s thraldom.

Gay marriage is ontologically impossible but that’s not the state’s concern.

I’ve been to Butler, Pa. and it’s as the article describes. Otherwise the tone is that of a high school–level personal attack, non?

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