Thursday, September 22, 2005

On the box
‘Law & Order: SVU’
Did anybody else see this week’s episode? Exciting and well-acted by Christopher Meloni (loose-cannon cop Stabler) but very weak on the ‘law’ part: can you say ‘entrapment’? And Robert Patrick’s soliloquy towards the end wasn’t realistic either, simply a bad theatre/TV convention.

‘The Apprentice: Martha Stewart’
I like it! Educational just like the original. In the first episode, Martha made the right choice. Dawn’s quirks, certainly something I can identify with, weren’t at all why her team’s product sucked.

The Emmys
Worthy winners included:

• Patricia Arquette, ‘Medium’
• Doris Roberts, a fine character actress (essentially she played the same part 20 years ago and was very good) and one of the only good acting highlights of her most recent show, which inexplicably also won
• ‘The Lost Prince’: search the blog for more on it

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