Saturday, September 17, 2005

On the Mass
Some thoughts for a Sunday from God Himself, Our Sacrifice, printed in 1950:
Hear how forcefully Father Segneri writes... ‘The Sacrifice of the Cross wrought the remission of sin in general; in Holy Mass the power or efficacy of Christ’s Blood is applied to each person individually’. In the Mass, the priest by the prayer of consecration draws as it were the Blood from our Saviour’s side in order to apply It for our cleansing, our sanctification* and the forgiveness of our sins.

If you wish to obtain the forgiveness of your sins and remission of their punishment, assist diligently at Holy Mass and offer it together with the Passion and Death of Christ to God the Father. How consoling are the words of Our Lord to St Gertrude: ‘Every sinner, be he ever so heavily weighed down by the burden of his sin, may hope to obtain forgiveness if he offers My guiltless sufferings to my Heavenly Father’.

[St Gertrude also wrote:] The offering of the Sacred Host** is the truest and most efficacious expiation for all guilt.

‘Holy Mass effects our reconciliation with God’, asserts St Thomas

‘My condescension at Holy Mass is so great’, said Our Lord to St Mechtilde, ‘that there is no sinner, however great, there present, to whoem I will not gladly grant forgiveness if only he ask me for it’.

The Sacrifice of the Mass expiates also those mortal sins which the the sinner, after careful examination, is unable to remember.

The Council of Trent declares that by the Sacrifice of the Mass we obtain the remission of the sins we daily commit.

One who frequently and fervently assists at Mass easily secures the forgiveness of his venial sins, if those sins are more the consequence of human fraily than of a bad will.

Those who assist at Mass with the intention of receiving the remission of their sins obtain forgiveness even of those venial sins for which they do not feel a lively contrition.

In souls free from mortal sin, Holy Mass remits venial sin and its punishment, increases sanctifying grace in a wonderful manner and gives strength to practise virtue and to avoid evil.
*What the Christian East shockingly but correctly calls theosis.

**Hostia, sacrifice, victim, in this case the One Sacrifice of Christ mystically made present in the Mass.

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