Sunday, September 18, 2005

Prayer on the Parkway
Today religion made another appearance at the RC cathedral (after being used for the Roman Mass à la S. Clement’s earlier this year)! A Eucharistic procession complete with cloth-of-gold canopy on brass poles, a decent gold baroque sunburst monstrance and a cope, dalmatic and tunicle that like the canopy looked like they were made at the latest about 60 years ago. Friend Tim Gallen observed that the only thing really wrong was there was no canopy/baldacchino over the Sacrament on Its outdoor-display stage... there was no altar either, just a sort of pillar for It. But in the overall high-church context even the smattering of modern hymns wasn’t offensive.

Stand by, ageing liberals: the restoration is under way.

Fr James Tucker’s Corpus Christi procession, 2005

Hooray for Pope Benedict XVI!

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