Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Eastern churches

Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Agafangel of Odessa is in the spotlight:

Joint Russian Orthodox-ROCOR delegation visit the Ukraine
To explain to the Russian Orthodox faithful there the reunion negotiations between the two groups

Хорошо, but this seems to be cancelled out by yet another inter-Orthodox row:

Metropolitan protests against Constantinople setting up shop in the Ukraine
His Eminence is correct

From Fr Joseph Huneycutt
Gorby given top honour by C’ople
Apparently being an archon doesn’t mean much as US Sen. Paul ‘Senator Death’ Sarbanes is one for being Greek, but let’s call it even: John Paul the Overrated made ‘the Hearst of the Oughties’ Rupert Murdoch a Knight of St Gregory (unlike this fellow who richly deserved his KSG and ‘Sir’).

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