Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Eastern churches
An interview with a Byzantine Catholic priest
Fr Thomas Loya speaks on an Orthodox online radio programme to presenter Fr John Schroedel (background information)

Well done! Слава Богу!

About the only thing he doesn’t talk about here (and he covers the rest very well), because it’s politically incorrect and perhaps job-threatening so to do, is that many of the born RCs making up the majority of and keeping afloat* many Ruthenian and other BC churches are fleeing the Novus Ordo, whether the refugees end up high-church** восточники like Fr Thomas*** or not. If not for them, chances are they wouldn’t (still) have a lot of their churches because they’re losing their third- and fourth-generation ethnics through assimilation including ‘marrying out’.

Archimandrite Serge (Keleher) isn’t afraid of telling it like it is, however; he’s been published criticising the NO and not falling into the PC thing of looking down on refugee traditionalists.

Fr Thomas, a pastor interested in evangelism, has got his own online radio show.

Clifton Healy on icons

*Especially in non-Slavic areas like the American Southwest.

**Orthodoxising: nec plus, nec minus, nec aliter as St Pius X told the Russian Catholics to do. Often it’s the newcomers who end up doing this much more than the ethnics.

***An ethnic Ruthenian born into the church — I know a relation of his, also a Ruthenian priest.

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