Friday, October 21, 2005

From blog member Samer al-Batal
Confessions of a right-wing peacenik
By Joe Sobran
An expression I began using for the predecessor of this blog back in 2002
War is the most destructive of human activities, and because it destroys everything worth conserving, I marvel that it has come to be associated with ‘conservatism’. Yet conservatives who oppose war find themselves isolated like lepers among ‘mainstream’ conservatives, who regard them as puzzling eccentrics — charitably seen, perhaps, as in some spiritual peril requiring prayer. I guess if you find yourself preferring peace, at least your conscience should be troubled about it.
Expansion of West Bank settlements continues
The report by Settlement Watch [the Israeli Peace Now's project for monitoring settlement activity] found that the loss of 7,500 Jewish settlers from Gaza will be outweighed by the arrival this year of 14,000 residents in Jewish settlements in the West Bank.
The farmer who lost his land
"He simply pointed to the side of the fence line where I was standing and said, 'that will be Palestine' and pointed to the other side and said, 'that will be Israel'.

"If you've got a problem with that, go and talk with your leaders."
Those leaders would probably try to guilt you and me about the Warsaw ghetto — the Zionists’ way of being ironic?

Cromwell’s ghost spotted in Ireland, possesses bishop: utterly bonkers and on destructive rampage, say eye witnesses
Samer: Unfortunately, the Philistine’s forehead is protected by a mitre.
Bishop John Magee, a close friend of Pope John Paul II, has been granted planning permission to rip up an historic mosaic floor and dismantle a 100ft marble altar rail in St Colman's Cathedral, Cobh.

The alterations are part of his plan to extensively remodel the sanctuary, nave and transepts of the cathedral designed by Edward W Pugin, a man regarded as one of the most important Victorian architects of the Gothic revival.
He’s ruining a church of the Pugin tradition?! (A.W. Pugin’s son did this one.) Horrible. ‘Sure and begorrah, we can’t be doin’ high church — that’s for the English. Our people do devotions.’
Dr Magee, the Bishop of Cloyne and the former secretary to the previous pope, believes the changes are necessary to bring the style of worship in the cathedral into line with Vatican II guidelines that modernised Mass by ending the use of Latin and bringing the priest closer to the congregation.
As I said to my girlfriend just two hours ago, after 20 years of being run around and seeing others so treated I don’t give a toss what those people think anymore. Like the peasants of Devon and Cornwall in the mid-1500s, ‘we will have the Mass.

Bishops’ synod: Final draft rebuffs Latin Mass
In a rebuff to the lone appeal in the Synod of Bishops in favor of the pre-Vatican II rite of Mass, the synod’s final message, set for approval tomorrow, contains no language on the subject.

Instead, the message affirms that the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) ‘provided the necessary basis for a progressive and adequate liturgical reform’.
Samer: Still, where the bishops are nary giving a moment’s thought on the issue, folks like Una Voce keep trying.

Conference to discuss developments for Latin Mass under Pope Benedict XVI

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