Friday, October 21, 2005

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Two from The Washington Post:

Kashmir relief effort world’s toughest
Lord, in thy mercy: hear our prayer

Hussein co-defendant’s kidnapped defence lawyer found dead

On Neil French

I don’t believe that women executives in the advertising business are ‘crap’ but apparently Mr French likes to shock

But this is largely true, whence you get the libertarian argument that there is no ‘glass ceiling’ but rather pragmatism from business owners and top execs:
The upshot of what he said is that you give [women] a shot and they run off and have babies.
Put more tactfully while remaining honest, I wouldn’t like the corporate rat-race and neither do most women. Realising it sucks, and because many of them do want to have children, they leave. In theory everybody deserves the same chance, but given the odds, what’s somebody running a business to do? Invest in the people more likely to stay... usually men.

Then there’s the argument that while of course women deserve a shot at following their callings (this blog supports equity feminism — search it to read more), as not all are called to be mothers and there’s nothing wrong with that, glorifying ‘career women’ while disparaging homemakers and full-time mothers doubles companies’ wage-slaves and also enables them to cut real wages so one person doesn’t get a ‘living wage’ to support a family anymore.

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