Sunday, October 23, 2005

From Fr Anthony Chadwick
Almost a manifesto for English Catholic tolerant conservatism
Except I’m nowhere near as negative regarding Aristotle, whom friend John Treat, who has a master’s from Harvard, considers the best Western philosopher, undoing the damage Plato did! Then again, we weren’t subjected to bad presentations of the Philosopher (as St Thomas Aquinas called him) at traditionalist seminaries!
In our age of nihilism, I am convinced that it is both desirable and possible to have recourse to the culture of Antiquity and ancient "natural religions". This enables us to discern these cultural traces in remnants of our own world, and to use them as a tool for evangelisation.
Or, without being Modernist, indifferentist, relativistic or syncretistic, why I am ‘at home’ in traditional Hindu (the Lord loves the one who loves the Lord) and Buddhist practice and not in the Novus Ordo! A cool brand of traditionalism echoed in René Guenon (who ended up a Sufi) and Fr Seraphim (Rose) at his best.

Even apostates George Harrison and Joseph Campbell understood:
When the church stopped using Latin, the kids started learning Sanskrit.

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