Friday, October 28, 2005

From Fr Joseph Huneycutt
Tom DeLay’s bad religion
I don’t understand the Photoshopped jab at the Pope but this is an informative entry
DeLay is also a self-declared member of the Christian Zionists, an End-Time faction numbering 20 million Americans. Christian Zionists believe that the 1948 creation of the state of Israel marked the first event in what author Hal Lindsey calls the "countdown to Armageddon" and they are committed to making that doomsday clock tick faster, speeding Christ's return.
A history of the King James Bible
By LRC writer Laurence Vance
From the middle of the seventeenth century, the King's Bible has been the acknowledged Bible of the English-speaking nations throughout the world simply because it is the best.
And Fr Joseph’s parody of what the average semi-churched, no-popery Anglo-American believes.

You don’t have to take Dr Vance’s word for it: read the KJV yourself as it’s in my links, a complete original Anglican version with the deuterocanonicals/Apocrypha, a Catholic Bible (not the Protestant version you usually find in shops).

It and the Prayer Book are the English standard.

For commentary get an old Roman Catholic Douay/Confraternity Bible and for help with the language if needed there’s the Revised Standard Version.

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