Wednesday, October 19, 2005

From Pontifications
Do animals go to heaven?
Condolences to the Kimels about their cat, Tuxedo. My girlfriend has two cats and I know how important they are.

Thought of this issue again late yesterday. About a week and a half ago it rained very hard one day. One of the bins next to the house was about a quarter full of water and there were, I found out when I noticed it yesterday, four dead squirrels in it. Poor things. Probably got knocked off the tree branches immediately above. Apparently they can’t swim, or they couldn’t crawl out. Felt so bad even though it wasn’t really my fault (and in nature they well may have ended up as a hefty cat’s or hawk’s dinner!). As I did last year when I found one squirrel like that, I found a shovel, buried them and said a prayer thanking God for his creatures. And as the bins haven’t got lids and nobody apparently is using them I turned them upside down so it doesn’t happen again.

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