Thursday, October 27, 2005

From Verbum ipsum
On religion and politics
...I must say, after returning from working in Mississippi last week with 300 United Methodist preachers, if you have a hurricane blow through your town, totally destroy your life and make you want to kill yourself because you’ve lost everything, you will be a lot better served by Christian people than you will be served by FEMA or the Red Cross! The government has a way of killing so many things that it touches. There are things that we’ve allowed the government to do that people of faith can do better.
Defending Christendom
[Anglican theologian Oliver] O'Donovan's notion of Christendom is a lot different from that of, say, Pat Robertson. For starters, it would be committed to a robust notion of social justice, and it would refrain from the oppression of non-Christian minorities because it's Christian, not out of a liberal commitment to "neutrality" or secularism.
The authentic Catholic position. T.S. Eliot, Dorothy Day and Trevor Huddleston are looking down and smiling.

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