Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The gay-priest scandal
So bad in Philadelphia now that the paper has a page dedicated to it (use bugmenot for this and the next two links):

Most priests, innocent of this scandal, are grieving
Despite the Novus Ordo and shock after shock, such as this longtime charismatist fraud* now in the dragnet for ‘enabling’ these crimes decades ago, most priests are good, like the one I’ll call ‘the Monsignor’, who in the box and his weekly bulletins gave me Tridentine moral theology, something to set my conscience to, which 20 years on I’ll still got ‘on board and in use’, passed down to me like an old car that’s been kept in perfect running condition.

(I can take that analogy further and say that the English tolerant conservatism of men like Fr Peter Laister taught me how to drive it in heavy traffic.)

Even if he hasn’t got somebody like the Monsignor to teach him, a literate teenager can get more, actually learning the gospel and other parts of the Catholic faith, from poring through a circa-1960 St Joseph’s Sunday Missal, which explains the meaning of every Sunday’s gospel reading in terms of the old religion but written for modern man, than from years of Novus Ordo CCD/RI, etc. It worked for me.

*A former friend tried this fellow’s prayer meetings and noticed that after years of this nobody in them seemed to get over their problems.

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